Perfectly Imperfect


Quick Friday epiphany… as a recovering perfectionist, I’m now drawn to imperfection. Frankly, I often find pure perfection nauseating. I mean really…those bananas don’t taste as sweet without the little black dots, Anthony Hamilton’s voice is genius with that gravel-raw edge, and a fedora hat isn’t right on a man’s head until it’s cocked to the side.


My flawed fascination translates into my photography work. Some of my all-time favorite images are color-casted, underexposed, blurry, awkwardly cropped or out of focus. Life is not always crystal clear or sharp. In a society that is punctuated in photoshop and populated with plastic images, imperfections are my celebrated refuge.

Imperfection is honest and raw and I live to observe and capture it…beautifully. “Life unaltered.”


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