Under the Arch

Every city has its own personality. Some are fast-paced while others have a more leisurely air. St. Louis, MO? Well, the verdict is still out on this one because our visit was brief and we both had to work. However, this quick trip was the perfect example of how God works situations to how He sees fit. I managed to enjoy a birthday with a great friend, observe the excitement of America’s pastime, eat the best vegetarian black-bean burger ever in life, and ride in a 1960’s space bubble 630 feet in the air. Not too shabby for about 24 hours of free time.

The Arch permeates all parts of St. Louis and I was anxious to ride up to the top of the “Gateway to the West.” Talk about cramped quarters!! Whew! To get to the top, I rode in one of five seats encapsulated in a tiny white pod that George Jetson must’ve designed for Elroy and his friends. Thank God for small favors because we were grouped with an adorable 3-year old and her very petite grandparents. The city view at the top was gorgeous though.

As an indirect participant in my husband’s life quest to visit all 32 NFL stadiums, we purchased tickets to see the Rams’ game. As it turned out, the St. Louis Cardinals  were simultaneously playing in the World Series at home. Needless to say, the World Series festivities overshadowed the poor little Monday Night Football game.  I don’t like baseball but I gotta respect die-hard fans of historic teams.

Finally, Shante’, my friend of almost 20 years, unexpectedly also ended up in town to celebrate her birthday alongside a couple other fellow Florida Gators. While we all chatted and they munched on famous St. Louis BBQ, I was reminded just how important my friendships have become to me lately. Admittedly, my sometimes aloof personality is not conducive for friendship. I’m working on it though…again, part of my Fear(LESS) 2014 journey.

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