Projecting Thoughts

March makes me more introspective than normal and I make it a point to streamline my thoughts and my living space in preparation for the warmer months and the JTP busy upcoming season…aka Spring Cleaning. I usually find myself pausing to REALLY enjoy my surroundings…simple things make me happy.

Saturday, I was at a nearby park that I call Bulldog Boulevard petting a precocious 8-month old pooch named Georgia. (Don’t go looking for a photograph of her here either…I was too busy being sucked in by her cuteness to take a picture.) As I gave Georgia a good-bye pat on the head, a bright pink notebook tied to a park bench caught my attention.

That notebook was a part of the Bench Diary project- an anonymous public diary that travels all over the city only stopping for 24 hours at each bench. The instructions encourage strangers to share thoughts, doodles, lyrics- basically whatever is on the heart to express. Some of the pages had drawings while others had poem entries. Of course I had to participate…only, I somehow managed to ignore the anonymous part and signed my name anyway.

I. Am. Such. A. Rebel.

Kevin also scribbled a few words on a page that he chose not to share because he said his written thought “now belongs to the bench.” I, on the other hand, was not so private with mine. Enjoy your week…


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