Cultivated to Create

When I was a little girl, if you gave me a piece of paper and some colored pencils, I was in pure heaven. Seriously…I have always loved the process of creating pretty things. (surprise, surprise) Drawing, coloring, cutting, pasting, doodling, etc. all gave me life. I’d sit for hours meticulously putting details into each construction paper masterpiece because it was my private therapy session. Each marker had an assigned seat in the box and I’d give you a mean side-eye if you disturbed the good ol’ ROY G BIV spectrum order. Yep…there’s an order – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. Man, rainbows calmed my childhood nerves like nobody’s business. (I told you I was serious!)

Strangely enough, I exclusively viewed art as a hobby because I was under the misconception that all artists starved to death and their children collected the royalties posthumously . That was not cool for two reasons. One, I enjoyed eating food. Two, I wanted to make money above ground. Nonetheless, I would create things to give me resolve.

I continue my aesthetic therapy sessions whenever the spirit moves me now. I was cultivated to create. I know, I know…there won’t be a mad rush on buying a JolyeToi original painting anytime soon. But, the world just feels like a better place with my lop-sided stick figure drawings and one-dimensional paintings…in my mind anyway. Special thanks to my sister-in-law, Starla, for inviting me out to get my paint on!

4 thoughts on “Cultivated to Create

  1. Ha! Ha! You were obsessed with your colored pencils and crayons. After one use, you wanted to go to the mall and buy new boxes. You guarded your little purse with the crayons and paper as if it had gold coins 🙂

  2. In 2013, my goal was to begin building relationships, this day was a very good day for you and I. I learned that day I can be open to new things. I enjoyed spending quality time with you. We should get together again soon. Although, I know your schedule is crazy, but when you have the time we should. Let’s try pottery. Everything can’t just be about the brothers, or the kids…lol. In my mind, I am a super woman and I can fly. Love you sis

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