g9 Serving on Christmas

I believe in servicing the community…so much so that myself, along with 8 others, started a charity organization called the g9 Conglomerate in 2009. While we do different things, one of g9’s main functions is to help others through volunteer work. Hence, our motto is, “We serve because we must.”

Usually, g9 volunteers alone during our community service opportunities. For the first time ever, we invited non-conglomerate members to join us in volunteering with the SafeHouse Organization on Christmas morning. We were blessed and honored with the turnout of family and friends willing to sacrifice their Christmas mornings to give back to families that are experiencing financial hardships.

Personally, there is no joy that can surpass giving back to others…whether that be through money or time. With every experience, I am humbled by God’s grace. Peace and blessings to each of you!!

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