Atlanta to India – (Guest Post)

This blog post is courtesy of my wonderfully supportive husband, Kevin, during his trip to India late last year. Enjoy!
Atlanta, GA to Hyderabad, India-  over 9,000 miles and 24 hours travel time.  My job afforded me the once in a lifetime opportunity to visit the great country of India.  Upon landing you immediately are treated like a tourist…in a good way.  Everyone treats you first class and I felt compelled to treat the locals with the same level of respect they treated us Westerners.  I got the pleasure of viewing movies at the largest IMAX in the world (got to see the Sky Fall movie) and enjoyed my company.  I enjoyed playing Cricket (for the first time) and even though we lost, we still had fun playing tug-o-war.  I even rode my first camel (I’ll call her Janie); although I could tell that I might have been a little too heavy on her back.  I honestly believe I weigh more than most Indian families by myself and the look and sounds Janie made lead me to believe she agreed.
There is a freedom and respect of nature in India that I could truly appreciate.   The best part of my trip to India was spending time with the associates from my company.  They were so hospitable and gracious, they made me feel comfortable and honored.  I will always appreciate you guys.  And when you come to the US we will return the graciousness bestowed upon us during our time there.  To the great host country of India, I hope to see you again in 2014.

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