June’s 60th – A Birthday Celebration

I love how all my clients choose to celebrate the special moments in their lives…always full of fun, love and laughter. Ms. June’s 60th birthday extravaganza at the Sugar Creek Golf and Tennis Club in Decatur, GA was filled with what every good party needs – food, music and PLENTY of dancing! Her lovely daughters helped to plan a soiree where everyone from her siblings to her “Posse” thoroughly enjoyed themselves with a full Soul Train Line.

Gracias for allowing the JTP Team to help you document your big day! Feliz cumpleanos Ms. June!! Click below for a peek into the evening…


5 thoughts on “June’s 60th – A Birthday Celebration

  1. Thank you so much Jolye for capturing all my most memorable moments during my birthday celebration. The photos and video are great. It was truly a blessing for me to have you as my photographer. Excellent job. You are the best!!!

  2. Joyle I echo June’s words, you captured the moment.
    June this was a beautiful celebration. As I stated before “YOU WEAR IT WELL.”
    The Venue, Food, Family, Friends, Fellowship, Music, Decorations, Photography and Video were right on time.
    I know God chooses Family, we go waaaaaay back to the Thomas Heath Slater days thru today. My husband and I are blessed God chose us as your friend. You don’t look a day over 20!!!!!.
    Ooooooops ARE YOU LEGAL? maybe I should say a day over 21 (smile).

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