Bad Chic Chronicles

In the times of reality television where women are often portrayed as petty and consistently cat fighting, it’s refreshing to come across a group of gorgeous, intelligent women who have a beautiful friendship that has lasted for years. Toni contacted me indicating but she wanted to do a portrait session with a few of her best friends and I immediately got excited about the whole idea. Photographing women is one of my most favorite things in the world…but getting to capture a whole group of them?! Well, I was over the moon!

I had a ball witnessing and photographing all the love and respect amongst these stylish women. While we didn’t make it to the second location due to thunderstorms, the ladies didn’t bat an eyelash at getting a couple of fun shots outside in spite of the rain. The shoot wrapped with a very touching toast to prosperity…you really can’t get any better than that! Muchas gracias to Toni, Natasha, Crystal, Astrid and Roshella for rocking this shoot on out and allowing me to help add an extra story to the #BadChicChronicles. 


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