Nyerere – The Gentlemen’s Club

The phrase “Gentlemen’s Club” usually draws thoughts synonymous with poles, scantily-clad women, smoke and scattered dollar bills. Last time I checked, none of the above had anything to do with what defines a true gentleman.

Lately though, I’ve noticed a trend toward a more polished, well-groomed aesthetic amongst men my age and younger. Maybe it’s just because I’m getting older or maybe it’s just my demographic. Either way, I have always associated gentlemen with genuine demeanors, polished shoes, dinner jackets, traditional chivalry, intellectual conversations…well, you get the drift. My curiosity bested me and I began to get interested in men’s observations. I decided to begin an ongoing monthly portrait/video essay called, “The Gentlemen’s Club.” Over time, I will sit down with each subject to discuss their ideas and opinions on the modern gentleman definition. Stay tuned for videos in the future. Each man is purposely different because the face of a present-day gentleman is varied. (Gracias a Dios for diversity!)

Enter…Nyerere K. Billups.  He is the first of many men who strike me as a gentleman. Besides having basically the whole alphabet after his name in accomplishments, I would have to say this well-traveled gentleman’s greatest source of joy would be his three gorgeous children. His style is tailored in every sense and he holds an abundance of knowledge on this very subject. I can’t wait to share the full video with you guys in the future. Until then, I present to you, Mr. Billups…



2 thoughts on “Nyerere – The Gentlemen’s Club

  1. Wow. That was a perfect blog. Very much true. Loved the idea of calling it “Gentlemen’s Club” to put a magnifying glass on today’s gentlemen. Yes they still exist!!!

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