Photo Mission II – The “Other” Bay Area

Second San Francisco blog post…miss the first one? Click here.

Some places you visit just speak directly to your spirit and you KNOW that a piece of your heart lives there. San Francisco simply does it for me…it’s the “other” Bay Area (Tampa Bay will forever be the first Bay Area in my heart.) We spent about four days in this little pocket of heaven hitting up both the tourist spots along with some local ones. We sat in the silver and black end zone that is the Black Hole of the Oakland Raider Stadium and Kevin met a primate by the name of Gorilla Rilla. I always manage to meet a nice bulldog or two…this time, Lily, was too busy napping to be bothered by the likes of me. Anyhow, I am posting a lot more photos than normal so I’ll end the typing here…enjoy!

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