Tiffany + Robert 10.11.13

It’s no secret that I believe Autumn is the best time of year. The weather is perfect- not too cold…not too warm. The air holds crisp with no humidity…can you say heaven?  So, I was honored to photograph the intimate October Jackson, MS ceremony of Tiffany and Robert. This was my first opportunity to meet the couple but it was obvious after two minutes around them that their love is rooted genuine spirituality. They even chose to have a sight unseen moment of prayer prior to the ceremony and were generous enough to allow me to be there to document it all. With the groom’s father as the officiant and their adorable daughter Gabby as one of the flower girls, the ceremony was filled with emotion and love. Click below to view their slide-show.

6 thoughts on “Tiffany + Robert 10.11.13

  1. Love the slidshow. Very special moment. I would also like to thank the photography from ATL.
    From: Alexis Spann (sister)
    Catherine Spann (mom)

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