Photo Mission – San Francisco

This is the first of two San Francisco posts.

I am by no means a landscape or interior photographer….but I just had to show y’all a couple images of where we stayed while we were in San Francisco about a month ago. Something is to be said about living in another creative’s space…especially one that you’ve never met. I’m naturally observant…details are everything to me. At first glance, the style could be generalized as “minimal.” But, as the days passed, I noticed more of her personality each morning as I ritually sipped my “clean coffee” (hot lemon water) from a Mr. Rogers mug. Every corner of her cute little Mission District studio apartment was peppered with intricate succulent, cactus, aloe and heart plants thriving in pots and mason jars. Pops of burnt orange accents played hide and seek with my eyes. Our ghost host has an analogue appreciation – a record player with tons of vinyl, clocks with hands, calligraphy…even a corded working land-line phone. Open windows ushered in the coolness of fresh Bay air. No television in her space…having that device there would be like a violation to solace. Her walls are adorned with her work. The huge hand-drawn detailed map of New York being my favorite because it uniquely chronicles her past life. Lines and direction seem to be a running theme throughout the apartment…I just love cohesiveness.

Now…if I could just get my own bare-walled condo decorated with my work, I’d be ecstatic!

4 thoughts on “Photo Mission – San Francisco

  1. Your words painted a vivid picture of your surroundings prior to viewing the photos. I smell a book in your vast traveling experiences. The architecture of that building is true San Francisco. I love this!!

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