Tidbits of Tybee

Hmmm…has it really been over two months since I last did a post?? That should be a clear indicator of how busy things have been in my world and they aren’t slowing down anytime soon either…YIPPEEE!! That does not mean that I need to be leaving y’all waiting in the wings though. Tsk, tsk, tsk…shame on me.

My husband is pretty cool at planning little breather getaways for us in the midst of all the madness. A couple months ago, we did a road trip down to Tybee Island with a few of his friends from his Alabama. Yes…I’m a native Floridian. No…I did not spend a lot of time on the beach growing up. (You try and spend more than 10 minutes out in that Tampa Bay humidity and let me know if you don’t grow a preference for central A/C too.) As I get older, I have a deeper appreciation for the ocean now that I don’t really live near it. So, it’s a good thing we’re just a car ride away. Anyway, I managed to get my little toes wet, breathe in some salty air, learn a new line dance (kinda) and had only the best salad EVER from an unlikely source (Paula Deen’s restaurant) all in the same day…I’m pretty sure that I had not laughed and relaxed that hard in months. Looks like more quick road trips are in order!!

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