Joi + Jamal in Grand Turk (E-Session)

Most of my engagement sessions take place here in good old Atlanta. There are tons of places to shoot around these parts. But at times, I’m presented with the the opportunity to do an e-session in a totally different place…different city…different state…different country. The recently engaged, Joi and Jamal, were the perfect couple to venture out in uncharted areas for me. The unconventional chocolate diamond ring he placed on her finger was proof. It was incredible that we had the opportunity to do a portion of their engagement shoot on the island of Grand Turk. Even though the July sun was no joke, the teal waters (no photoshop), Caribbean breezes and the love between these two were the focus. So looking forward to their wedding. Who knows? We may just end up on another tropical island for their ceremony. Felicidades Joi and Jamal!

2 thoughts on “Joi + Jamal in Grand Turk (E-Session)

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