Renette + Paul – Atlanta Engagement

Once upon a time, EARLY on a Summer morning in Atlanta, a gorgeous couple met with a photographer to document their love for one another. Eager to get the best shots around town, the awesome couple rocked out the engagement session you will find below. From the High Museum to Starbucks, their affections for each other were captured in beautiful images. Felicidades to Renette and Paul on their upcoming nuptials in the Spring of 2014!!  (Click below to view their slide-show.)


3 thoughts on “Renette + Paul – Atlanta Engagement

  1. To God be His Glory!! A match made in heaven, a perfect fit. The photos and video was amazing. Congratulations Renette and Paul see you guys in April.

  2. Wow! my dear sister, I am so………………….very Joy for you I know that you wait on God he will fill your desire for God is faithful to his words. ( Prov.3:5-6 ) I love the photos and video and your smile, blessing to both. With much Love!

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