The King

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We tend to take a lot of little weekend trips here and there because it’s always good to get away to take breaks. Memphis was our latest adventure…to pay homage to the King. Yep…B.B. King. While the fam enjoyed their share of  Gus’ Fried Chicken, I got a chance to capture the city. Armed with Seven Stacks (my camera’s name), we walked and did some trolley riding in between…from Beale Street to Slave Haven.

The most touching part was the Civil Rights Museum audio tour inside of the Lorraine Motel. Sure, we have all seen the old videos of attack dogs, marches and water hoses but being there hit home. In retrospect, the 1960’s were not really that long ago. Reminded me that I have an obligation to do even more in my community…too many people died for me to ever become complacent. While we now live in the times of “studio” gangsters, Twitter beefs and Facebook fights,  I strongly urge that you visit the museum to help put things into perspective.

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