The Big Chop

If you know me personally, you know that I am a coily-haired queen who is in love with my natural hair….straight (ahem) kinked-up, no chaser. I’ve steered clear of that topic on here because, frankly, there are more than enough beautifully coifed natural hair vlogs and blogs out there on the internet. One day, I will do a post solely about my own hair journey. But this is not that day.

Not too long ago, a member of my fam, Mete, took a leap of faith, divorced the creamy crack and did the “Big Chop.” With the help of her hair guru, Najmah, they cut off all of the processed strands only to leave a regal crown of coils. I was so proud (insert tear of joy here) and the images are a result of my camera phone skills.  Yes, I forgot my Nikon. I am happy to report that it’s been a couple months and she has not relapsed to the dark side….go METE!

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One thought on “The Big Chop

  1. Where do i start, this has not been easy. I felt like giving in on several occasions. However my strengths outweighed my weakness. Sending @jolyetoi so much love for sharing*thank you

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