Sweet Lemons

JT-Lemon Tart-1599

2014 has unearthed a new side to good ol’ Jolye….a kitchen-friendly Jolye in the hunt for a healthier lifestyle. I’ve been busy making all kinds of vegetarian meals- some tasted better than others. It’s no secret that I do not enjoy anything associated with cooking. I’ve had more hits than misses though. My Achilles’ heel has always been dessert and my deeply-rooted sweet tooth would make a baker blush. Pieces of Publix cake are not part of the healthy lifestyle equation. But, I now believe that no cheesecake formed against me shall prosper.

While we are hunkering down to withstand the next wave of winter storms here in Atlanta, I went on a online search for guilt-free treats that do not require a degree from Parisian culinary school. So after filtering through a dozen YouTube videos and about 10 food blogs, I made these pretty awesome raw vegan lemon tarts. (Click here for recipe) I do not profess to be culinarily skilled but I do declare…I did that! Don’t believe me? Just go ask my husband…go ahead…I’ll wait…

Don’t worry, this will not turn into one of those food blogs because frankly, there are waaaaaay too many great ones already. Besides, I don’t like to cook, remember? However, don’t be surprised when you see a pretty fantastic image or two that just so happens to include something edible that was made by yours truly. 😉

What are you doing differently so far in 2014?

Cashew cream raw vegan lemon tart

Cashew cream raw vegan lemon tart

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