¡Feliz Año Nuevo 2014!


Along with the rest of the planet, I get a jolt of energy as a fresh year makes its grand entrance.  2013 was a pretty good year for me…filled with photography and coast-to-coast travel.  I was grateful to take more time to appreciate the life that I’ve been blessed with and not the one that I wished I had.  I also made it a point to take control of my fears as I moved into 2014. See my previous post about it here.

This being my very first 2014 blog post, it’s apropos to share how we celebrate on New Years Day. Annually, a few friends and family gather together to feast on my special black-eyed peas and my husband’s world-famous collard greens.  Then we all sit amidst a disaster area of scissors, old magazines, poster boards, glue sticks, and construction paper scraps to plot out dreams. Yes…it’s a vision board party.

Even though I heard about vision boards 10 years ago, I made my first board in 2013.  I guess I just never realized how therapeutic and refreshing creating one would be for me.  The mere action of deciding of what you really want from life and applying that to a blank 2’ x 3.5’ white space gives me child-like hope and laser focus. It personally forces me to confront what I think I want and hone in on I’m purposed to do in life. Pretty deep stuff…especially considering doing a board looks like an arts & craft project for adults.

I asked each person who attended to write one word or phrase that they believe is going to describe their own 2014 on a chalkboard. If I asked you to do the same, what would you write? Comment below.

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