Puerto Rico – San Juan

“¡No pare…sigue, sigue!” (Don’t stop…get it, get it!)

Who’s ready for another round crystal blue waters, dancing, eating, laughing, site-seeing and just enjoying life? This photographer right here. My 2013 Travels are really concentrated for the second half of the year (you’ll see what I mean by December). Anyhow, while on a recent 7-day cruise, I thoroughly enjoyed myself despite fighting an ear infection. Yes, grown-ups get ear infections. My favorite port stop had to be San Juan, Puerto Rico for several reasons- never been there, se habla Español y Ingles, rich in history, and it was plain beautiful. I’m just mad that we were only there for about 8 hours.

The last few images were from Little Havana in Miami…couldn’t help myself posting those here too. I do have Cuban roots after all.


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