Seeking Brotherly Love

While we were in Philadelphia last month for a wedding, I had a little time to explore the city. Contrary to popular belief, the people were all really hospitable and helpful….brotherly love for sure. My husband had to make a stop to indulge in a famous Geno’s cheesesteak and I had an unfortunate mishap with some fries. All was well though, when I made fast friends with a handsome bulldog named, Harry (who I wanted to bring back to Atlanta). I have no qualms about being a tourist geek. So, we hit all the historic spots that we could in the the short time period available. Regardless of how boring the history classes were when I was a kid, it was cool to see all sites described in textbooks. Before you start wondering…yes, we ran…umm… jogged…er…walked up the “Rocky” steps. No, I’m not embarrassing myself and putting them up here. Just trust me when I tell you that we did it.

Our little trip was complete when I stood under “Love” and told him that I met his sister, “Hope” back in May.

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