Ghetto Burgers

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I have had the privilege of photographing some amazing people. But never have I been so nervous to get images. Everyone knows that Ms. Ann does not play but her famous Ghetto Burgers make it all worthwhile. Ok, I’m a vegetarian but Ann’s Snack Bar is an Atlanta staple. I nervously went with my husband so that he could eat and I could get permission to click away. Forget about other fast food chains. She adheres to her own set of rules… literally. She allows no more than 8 people inside at one time and no cursing. Rules don’t deter regular patrons though.  Her tiny Snack Bar has successfully been on Memorial Drive for decades. If you don’t like the house rules, she will readily tell you, “Checkers is right down the street.” Ms. Ann’s resilient personality just endears her to me. Nothing fancy here…just good combination of Southern spunk and old-fashioned burgers.

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